hand raised macaw parrots for sale,.
NZD 500

These birds have been well taken care of. They have full beautiful feathers, their beaks and feathers are nicely groomed and their nails are trimmed. Their wings are clipped to make them more tame. They are well minored and non stressed. They are not a feather picker. They were raised from birth away from their mothers so they do not know how to fly. They are 18 months old and are fertile egg laying females. The price includes cage, food, and all toys. We feel they will be better taken care of with someone who can give them more attention. We would prefer to sell them to a breeder or bird lover, who has more than one parrot, Not a bird broker. They are a large birds and require some space. Their cage dimensions are 3' X 3'1/2' X 2' and sits on a wheeled platform about 1 foot high. its easy to clean and good for birds of their size.
get back if interested.

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